About Us

My School ITALY was born from the Founder, Dr Aperna Volluruís passion for children and from her thought of developing the pedagogical project starting from the real needs of the child and parents. Being a Child Psychologist and an expert in Early Childhood Education and Care, she opened one of her first Kindergarten in Italy in 2012 and then moved on, after only two years, to reach out to the children in the Indian Sub-Continent with a franchising formula.

The Founder was born in India and she spent the first few years of her life there, before moving to UK where she did her Masters Degree and then her Ph.D. In 1994, she went to Italy and settled there. The memory of a childhood spent in large, bright spaces led her to create a preschool where children can grow daily surrounded by a mutual connection between education and the beauty of architecture, a place where the attention they receive can be a stimulus to understand and interpret the world that surrounds them.

Her three decades of professional experience in early childhood schools helped her to design a child centric environment with special spaces rich in affection, care, safety and stimulation, innovative games, and unusual scenarios that constantly remind the adults of the attention that must be given to small things to help children grow slowly but in a solid way...