Our Philosophy

My School ITALY as a school in Italy was born with the intention of promoting an educational style focused on children, based on an education intended as a facilitation of growth, as a discovery by the child of his/her internal world. Central role in the growth process is attributed to emotions and experience.

Even from an intellectual and cognitive point of view, children learn to relate to themselves, to others and to the world through their emotional experience. Emotions are the compass that guides the individual in his growth process.

Only by helping children to get in touch and recognise their emotions will they be able to transform their preschool development experience into intellectual knowledge by integrating it cognitively. We believe this concept is fundamental for any preschool for kids that knows how to provide the life skills (life skills) necessary for the construction of an integrated and effective adult identity.

Development Path

In this process, each child is accompanied by the educators who first of all feel they are facilitators of its development, in full support of its potential, in an authentic emotional relationship. The educators will have the task of grasping the needs of the children and supporting them and helping them in their satisfaction and growth. At the same time they will set the right limits so that they can build their identity and their identity in relation to the others and with external reality. The makes us the best learning kindergarten.

We at My School ITALY are convinced, thanks also to the research that shows it, that an educational style of this type, adopted from early childhood, strongly promotes self-esteem and generates free and at the same time responsible adults.

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the child in the internalisation of the feeling of trust in himself /herself and in others and in the free development of his/her potential. Being welcomed in a non-judgmental and unconditional positive acceptance climate, he/she will be spurred on to socialisation, learning and complete expression and knowledge of himself /herself and his/her emotional world.

All this will give them the basics to learn to listen to their "actualising tendency" from early childhood, or the natural motivational drive for self-growth and self-realisation (Carl R. Rogers) to become adult people able to live fully.

With this in mind, we do not believe in a knowledge and know-how that is prearranged to offer to children, but we believe in the opportunity to cultivate the natural drive for learning of the children themselves, helping them, albeit with rich proposals for age-appropriate activities, to learn from their own experience, which they can do every day at My School ITALY in a stimulating, creative and active context. Kindergarten CVC words, CVC word activities and CVC worksheets for kindergarten help our children to read as early as 2.5 years.

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