How to Use Brain-Based Learning in the Classroom

In his book A Celebration of Neurons: An Educator’s Guide to the Human Brain, educational researcher Robert Sylwester wrote, “The human brain is the best-organized, most functional three pounds of matter in the known universe.” [3] We cannot afford to underestimate our students’ academic potential. A child’s brain is capable of learning and growth that, […]

Why does Neuroscience Belong in Classroom Practice?

For the last three decades, Dr. Patricia Wolfe author of Brain Matters 2nd Edition (ASCD, 2010) and Building the Reading Brain, PreK-3 2nd Edition (Corwin Press, 2009), has been a crusader for getting teachers to understand the importance of studying neuroscience and translating it into classroom practice. Being a personal mentor of mine, our group, […]

10 Ways That Neuroscience Can Change Education

The recent focus of neuroscience on what facilitates lifelong learning has led to breakthroughs in the education world. Schools, teachers, and parents have the opportunity to approach and understand learning like never before. Here are 10 ways the research of neuroscience can change education. 1.      Better Understanding of Childhood Development A more in-depth incorporation of […]

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