Igniting Young Minds

Ganesh Chaturthi


Join us from the 18th for a unique Ganesh Chaturthi celebration that combines tradition and innovation. Discover how My School ITALY nurtures young minds through neuroscience-based education.

A Festive Journey

A Celebration of Learning and Culture

At My School ITALY, we believe that every child's mind is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Join us this Ganesh Chaturthi as we embark on a journey to harness the power of neuroplasticity and nurture confident, capable, and emotionally aware young learners.


My School ITALY | Hitex
Opp. 7 Sisters Restaurant, Hitex Road,
Next to Hitex Exhibition Centre Gate,
Izzatnagar, Kothaguda, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500084


From September 18th 7:00 AM
To September 20th 7:00 PM

Activities Planned

A Day Filled with Enriching Activities

Dive into the lineup of activities that blend the joy of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with educational experiences designed to stimulate your child's intellect, creativity, and emotional growth.

18th Feb


19TH Sep


20th Sep


18th September 2023

Mom & Child Traditional Wear

Connecting Generations Through Attire

This event encourages family bonding as parents and children dress in traditional attire, fostering a sense of cultural appreciation and togetherness.

18th September 2023


Unleash Your Child's Artistic Potential

Through the creation of beautiful rangoli designs, children develop fine motor skills and an appreciation for art, enhancing their creativity.

19th September 2023

Drawing with Ganesha Theme

Inspiring Artistic Expression

Children can explore their imagination and storytelling abilities as they draw with a Ganesha theme, promoting artistic expression and communication skills.

19th September 2023

Music & Dance for Kids

Groove and Grow Together

Engaging in music and dance activities helps children develop coordination, rhythm, and a love for the arts while having a blast with peers.

20th September 2023

Prize and Certificate Distribution

Celebrating Achievements

Recognize and celebrate your child's accomplishments as they receive prizes and certificates, boosting their self-esteem and motivation to excel further.

What Awaits You at Our Ganesh Chaturthi Event

An Unforgettable Day for Your Child and Family

Discover the exciting activities, immersive experiences, and engaging workshops that make our Ganesh Chaturthi celebration a must-attend event for parents seeking high-quality early childhood education services.

Rediscovering Traditions Together

By participating in traditional wear and Rangoli activities, parents and children can connect with their cultural roots, instilling a sense of heritage and pride.

Fostering Creativity Through Art

Engaging in drawing with a Ganesha theme and Rangoli encourages parents and children to bond creatively, exploring their artistic sides together.

Unlocking Artistic Potential

Children can express themselves artistically through drawing, enhancing their communication skills and boosting self-confidence.

Joyful Learning Through Music

Parents and children can enjoy music and dance activities that promote coordination, rhythm, and a lifelong love for the arts.

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

Activities like Rangoli and drawing with a Ganesha theme help children develop fine motor skills crucial for handwriting and other tasks.

Building Memories Together

The event offers an opportunity for quality family time, creating cherished memories that strengthen the parent-child bond.

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For any inquiries, assistance, or additional details about our Ganesh Chaturthi event or our unique early childhood education services, please feel free to get in touch with us. We're eager to assist you.


My School ITALY | Hitex
Opp. 7 Sisters Restaurant, Hitex Road,
Next to Hitex Exhibition Centre Gate,
Izzatnagar, Kothaguda, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500084

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