Unleash Your Little Star's Inner Fashionista!

Fashion Fusion

March 21st - 23rd, 2024

Lights, camera, confidence! My School ITALY's Fashion Fusion turns playtime into runway magic. This 3-day course ignites creativity, builds self-esteem, and leads to a dazzling Kids Fashion Show! Reserve your spot for your little star to shine!

It's Showtime!

Calling All Mini-Models!

Ever notice your little one strike a pose in the mirror or twirl around in their favourite outfit? Do they dream of bright lights and big smiles? Well, get ready to turn up the razzle-dazzle because My School ITALY's Fashion Fusion is here! Imagine their sparkling eyes as they learn the secrets of the modelling world, from how to walk tall with a twinkle in their toes to striking a super cool pose that would make even a superhero jealous! And the grand finale? A real-life Kids Fashion Show!


My School ITALY | Nature’s Lap
Road Number 25, next to MCRHRDI,
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From 21 March 2024
To 23 March 2024

Activities Planned

A Day Filled with Enriching Activities

Dive into the line-up of activities that blend the joy of Fashion Fusion with educational experiences designed to stimulate your child's intellect, creativity, and emotional growth.

21 March






What is the Modelling Industry?

From Catwalk Cool to Commercial Capers!

Unravel the mystery of the modelling world! Your child will discover the different types of modelling, explore what it takes to be successful, and learn all about the exciting behind-the-scenes action!

Professionalism and Etiquette

Manners that Matter, On and Off the Runway!

Strike a pose with courtesy! This session teaches your child the importance of punctuality, respect, and good communication, making them a star both on the runway and in everyday life!

Health and Wellness for Models

Shine Bright from the Inside Out!

We'll teach your child how to fuel their inner fashionista with healthy habits! Learn about good nutrition, staying active, and getting enough sleep for a radiant glow that comes from within!

Modelling Techniques and Skills

Walk, Pose, Smize - Master the Runway Arts!

Move with confidence and capture the camera's eye! Your child will learn proper walking techniques, explore different posing styles, and even master the art of the smize (smiling with their eyes)!

Portfolio Development

Creating a Star's First Impression!

Get ready to showcase those modelling skills! This session will guide your child in creating a portfolio that highlights their unique talents and makes them stand out from the crowd!

Building lifelong skills through fashion and flair!

Kids Fashion Show

Fashion Fusion is more than just learning how to walk in a straight line (although they'll get pretty good at that, too!). This program is designed to help your child develop valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Fashion Show Experience

This is their moment to shine! Your child will experience the thrill of walking a real runway, feeling the energy of the crowd, and showcasing their newfound modelling skills in a dazzling finale!

Costumes & Makeup

Get ready for a fashion transformation! We'll provide exciting costumes and age-appropriate makeup to help your child unleash their inner fashionista and create a runway look that's all their own!

Photos & Videos

Cherish these unforgettable moments forever! We'll capture professional photos and videos of your child throughout the program, giving you a treasured keepsake of their journey from shy newbie to runway pro!

Certificate & Trophy

Mark their accomplishment with pride! Your child will receive a certificate of completion and a trophy to commemorate their participation in Fashion Fusion, a reminder of their newfound confidence and modelling skills!

Event | Fusion Fashion 2024


For any inquiries, assistance, or additional details about Fashion Fusion event or our unique early childhood education services, please feel free to get in touch with us. We're eager to assist you.


My School ITALY | Nature’s Lap
Road Number 25, next to MCRHRDI,
MP and MLAs Colony, Venkatagiri,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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