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Here, under the bright blue sky, we invite you to explore our world of enchanting news and whimsical events. Our events are legendary, sparking curiosity and igniting young minds with science fairs, literary festivals, and more. Join us on this magical journey, where everyday learning is an extraordinary adventure, and every event is a chapter in your child's story. Your journey begins here, and we can't wait to share the enchantment!

A Joyous Day: ISKCON Leader Inaugurates My School ITALY's New Branch!

Celebrate this joyful day as His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami Maharaj, a prominent figure in the ISKCON community, officially opens the doors to our new My School ITALY branch near Hitex, Hyderabad. Joining us is our esteemed brand ambassador, H.E. Raunaq Yar Khan, known for fostering unity among diverse faiths.

Whisking Wonders: My School ITALY's Bhujangasana Bonanza!

In an incredible achievement, My School Italy, located in Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh, India, made history on March 28, 2023. They trained 35 youngsters to perfection in Bhujangasana, a yoga pose known for its grace. The synchronized performance garnered thunderous applause, setting a new world record and earning a place in the International Yoga Book of Records. This accomplishment is a testament to discipline, teamwork, and unwavering determination.

From Italy with Love: My School ITALY's European Touch in Indian Preschools

My School ITALY, a pioneering Italian franchise, is embarking on a remarkable journey to introduce European curriculum into the vibrant landscape of Indian preschool education. With a visionary goal of establishing more than 100 preschools across India in the coming year, My School ITALY is set to revolutionize the way early childhood education is perceived and delivered in the country.

Dr. Aperna Volluru's European Odyssey: An Indian Star's Shimmering Business Adventure

Dr. Aperna Volluru, an Italian Entrepreneur, won the 2019 European Business Award, marking a historic achievement. Her Preschool, My School ITALY, was recognized as ‘One to Watch' for its exceptional achievements and unique franchising model. My School ITALY offers innovative early childhood education with a curriculum based on European Union standards. The company's success has opened up franchising opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs under the names Ritzy Schools and My School ITALY.

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