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At My School ITALY, we delight in children being children and encourage individuality alongside traditional qualities such as compassion and kindness.

A Life Shaping Experience

The First Steps to Excellence

Choosing the right early learning and care environment for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. At My School ITALY, our philosophy, our people, our commitment and our resources are all focused on helping give your child the very best possible start in life.


Why Choose Us?


Future generations will look to our children with awe; energised by their strength, knowledge and authenticity.



A Professionally Designed and Organised Pedagogy with European Union’s Curriculum (mapped to New Education Policy – NEP 2020), Waldorf & Reggio Emilia Methodology, Decant - A Teaching Tool & EYFS Assessment.



Gymnastics is a Modern Sport that focuses on Coordination, Agility & Strength. We start Lessons for 1.5 years and up.


Digital Content

Built on the concept of ‘Watch.Learn.Play’. It uses the best Technology & Pedagogy to Engage, Educate & Entertain children up to 8 years of age.

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Exclusive Curriculum for Inclusive Results

A Child has 100 Languages

Powered by Play-way Methodology

Inspiring Toys

Grooming Every Student as a Great Communicator!

Immersive Ambience for Learning

World-class Quality driven by Child Centric Approach

Holistic Learning for Futuristic Education

Emphasis on Mental and Physical Health


Interested in a community of global learners, child psychologists, paediatricians and educators, who, like your-self, believe in the power of a progressive, quality education to make the world a better place?

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