Admission Policy

At My School ITALY, we engage students to reach for a success level they have never imagined.

We deliver high quality virtual educational experiences to all our students, fostering a sense of belonging and respect for one another as well as providing the skills to solve real world problems through a love of lifelong learning.




We are committed to welcoming students who reside in the India and international students who reside abroad, irrespective of:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Religion or belief

We will seek to identify, as safeguarding considerations, whether there are any adjustments required in relation to the protected characteristics cited above.

Upon admission, we would wish to identify any children / young adults who may be particularly vulnerable, including those with eating disorders, those who self-harm, and those with ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders. We will ensure the registration system includes notification, for example from mentors, of when a student is, for example, a child or young person looked after by a local authority, a care leaver, a child or young person with a social worker, a young carer or a student residing in private fostering arrangements.

At the point of registration, we ask parents / mentors to cite their child(ren)’s particular interests and hobbies, any medical needs or special educational needs, so that we can comprehensively plan for the admission and how we might look to meet those needs.


We are fully flexible in terms of the timing of admissions; we encourage families and partners to register students for transfer to My School ITALY at the usual points of entry but are fully prepared to accept students mid-school year, often at short notice if that is of benefit to the family / agency seeking a place at I My School ITALY. We accept registrations all year around; there are no restrictions. Notice for registration is set at fourteen days, as this is the typical turnaround time.

When a learner is fully enrolled with My School ITALY, we notify the relevant Local Authority that they are receiving education from My School ITALY. Similarly, we inform them when the child exits our roll. This is in relation to our safeguarding and student welfare procedures.

Students for whom English is an additional language:
please note that, whilst our curriculum and our intake are international, our courses are all taught through the medium of English and delivered by English-speaking teachers. We need to draw your attention to the implication this has for students wishing to enrol regarding their language proficiency in English.

If parents / mentors wish us to consider a student’s placement in a year group other than the chronological one, our registration form will enable this to be requested. However, please see our related Admission Protocols for details of the admissions criteria we use to consider such ‘out-of-year study’ placements and the related stipulations regarding safeguarding.



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Boarding School Admissions

Admissions to My School ITALY are handled on a rolling basis throughout the year. Parents / mentors and local authorities contact us via the ‘enquiries’ email address when they are new parents. Existing parents register interest with their Relationship managers.

When enrolling a student, parents / mentors are asked to include details of any special circumstances relating to the pupil’s health, allergies, disabilities, special educational need which may be relevant to their participation in the education provided by My School ITALY.

As part of the Admissions process, we will request the name and address of the child’s previous school, where relevant. The reference will seek an overview of the school’s exit assessments of the student’s needs and any action taken and the latest progress reports. Alternatively, we would enquire of the family or local authority for this background information.

The Health and Well-Being Co-ordinator will receive all health documentation and arrange an initial discussion with the family concerned. The Health and Well-Being Team will access and save the related information confidentially on our pupil data management system and contact teaching staff to advise them of the specific needs of each student.

Early notification of any disability or impairment is of great value, as it will enable all staff to consider whether reasonable adjustments need to be made for a pupil during the admissions process and what reasonable adjustments, if any, can be made to support the pupil’s future education. In order that My School ITALY is fully compliant with the Equality Act, all staff are made aware of the duties towards children who are disabled and the ‘reasonable adjustments’ needed for particular children.

When a student’s needs are significant and there is little progress following interventions and support from professional agencies the decision may be taken by the Head of Wellbeing to request an Educational Health and Care Plan. This process will involve presenting to the relevant local authority detailed records of our provision and its impact for their consideration. Parents and mentors will be fully involved in the process.

Safeguarding Statement

My School ITALY is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment. This policy should be read in conjunction with our related policies on Child Protection and Safeguarding, E-Safety and Safer Recruitment.


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