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Our students have access to a variety of facilities that cater to their physical, intellectual, and emotional needs. If you have a passion for sports, we have an Equestrian Arena, Golf Course, Skating Rink, and Gymnasium to keep you physically fit and active. Our Library and Science Labs will fuel your curiosity and help you develop your intellect. We know that it's not just about academics and sports. That's why we offer a range of recreational activities like Swimming, Shooting, Basketball, Football, Performing Arts, and Indoor Games. We believe in the holistic development of our students, and our facilities reflect that belief.

The campus has been modelled to facilitate the finest educational services and enhance all-round development of children. It would provide teaching that relies on Indian culture but with the most modern environment and infrastructure. The School's spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks. The school campus ground is rich and spacious enough to fulfil all the following facilities:

Enchanting Equestrian Arena

First up, we have an Equestrian Arena where you can learn to ride horses and even participate in competitions if you wish! Imagine galloping through fields and jumping over obstacles, just like Harry Potter and his friends did during their time at Hogwarts.

Golf course


If golf is your cup of tea, then we have a full-fledged golf course for you! You can work on your swings and perfect your technique while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.

Skating Rink

Gleaming Skating Rink

For those who love skating, we have a Skating Rink! Glide along with grace and precision, and maybe even perform a few magical moves of your own.

Gymnasium Outside

Spellbinding Gymnasium

Of course, you'll also need to stay fit and healthy, which is why we have a state-of-the-art Gymnasium that caters not only for your fitness needs but will give you an opportunity to train and participate in International Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. You can work out solo or engage in group activities such as yoga and martial arts.

Mystical Library

If you're more of a bookworm, don't worry – we've got you covered! Our Library boasts an impressive collection of books, including many classics and contemporary works. It's the perfect place to curl up with a good book and lose yourself in a different world.

Wizarding Science Labs

For all you budding scientists out there, we have fully-equipped Science Labs where you can conduct experiments and explore the mysteries of the universe.

Emerald Football Field

For footballers, we have a sprawling Football Field where you can train and play matches with your peers. Imagine scoring that winning goal in front of your cheering classmates!

Enchanted Performing Arts Centre

We also have a Performing Arts Centre where you can showcase your dramatic or musical talents on stage.

Whimsical Indoor Games Room

And when the weather is not cooperating, head over to our Indoor Games section, where you can play board games, table tennis, and other indoor sports with your friends.


Sparkling Swimming Pool

But what about relaxation, you ask? Well, nothing beats a refreshing dip in our Swimming Pool after a long day of studying and having fun.

Bewitching Shooting Range

For those who prefer a little bit more of a thrill, we offer Shooting classes where you can learn to handle bows, guns & arrows with ease.

Flying Basketball Court

For basketball enthusiasts, we have a full-sized Basketball Court on our campus. You can practice your dribbling, shooting and teamwork skills while enjoying the thrill of the game.


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