EstablishedSince 2002

As Franchisee of Cambridge Online Education, which was known as Cambridge Home School until 2008, My School ITALY has probably been teaching students online longer than any other education provider; we supported our first students in 2002 when the internet was hardly thought of in education.

Wikipedia had only started the year before! Google became the world’s number 1 search engine in 2003 and Youtube would not be invented until 2005.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


In 2009 along with being a franchisee, we established ourselves as My School ITALY in Italy, Germany, Romania.


In 2013, we got registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce.


In 2014, we registered in India. Later, we opened our centres in Bangladesh, Nepal, Brazil, UAE, and Ghana.

Virtual School

Opens up the world of enchanting assets and expands it.

Our programs include a complete education path from Preschool, Elementary school, through Middle and High School.  It is a Centralised Educational Governance System that offers 21st century education solutions to promote deep learning and fostering the success skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and self-management essential in the workplace of tomorrow.

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Brings the factor of flexibility and offers personalised learning without lowering the quality of education.

At My School ITALY Virtual School, we espouse community spirit, a caring environment in which children’s existing skills develop through our integrated programs based on multifaceted activities that have been developed by our team of Global Experts.

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