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2022 Theme

World Oceans Day

This year's 2022 United Nations World Oceans Day (UN WOD) celebration will be taking place on Wednesday 8 June 2022 around the theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.

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Online Event

Poster Making Competition

Let's celebrate this World Ocean Day through the power of your ART! The poster making competition celebrating World Oceans Day intends to seek the beauty of our oceans and to highlight the challenges of the marine environment through the eyes of your creativity and art.

Make a global impact and make posters in support of the global commitment to the 30×30 goal!

All poster submissions will be exhibited on our social media public exhibition album. Selected artwork will be aimed at creating a larger awareness towards inspiring a new generation of ocean lovers and towards protecting our beautiful marine environment.

Get Thinking!


Come one, come all. Aur Participate karo poster making competition mein.

Form submission is now closed.

The best entries get our Gift Hamper.

Offline Event

Ocean Bingo!

The Ocean Bingo event is an exciting twist on bingo. The standard bingo format has been replaced by much-loved music clips and ocean creatures for hours of bingo fun.

The winner is the first player who dabs all the numbers on their ticket.


Food Court, Q-City, Financial District, Hyderabad 500032, India


8th June 2022
From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

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Food Court
Q-City, Hyderabad 500032, India
Ph: (+91) 70939 04680
Email: [email protected]

From: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
On: 8th June 2022

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