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My School ITALY play school, kindergarten and primary school was conceived out of the desire to have a dedicated learning space for babies and young children, able to stimulate their curiosity and interpersonal relationships, but especially to promote the idea of community.

Why choose us?

European Curriculum intertwined with Neuroscience!

Being the ONE & ONLY European Preschool in tune with National Education Policy (NEP 2020), My School ITALY follows the European Union’s Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) curriculum that focuses on 7-core areas of age-appropriate learning. Our well-developed and holistic curriculum combines learning with fun and incorporates languages such as Spanish and full-fledged curriculum in English, along with various extracurricular activities like gymnastics, music, zumba, etc. With the belief that every child comes with an exclusive set of strengths, we individually assess them on learning and developmental goals through the award-winning MSIK Milestones, consisting of 680 assessment goals. We are the ONLY Early Childhood Education and Care Centre in the world to use Neuroscience Study Technology for developing the “WHOLE CHILD”.

Activities For Kids


The activities offered to children during the day follow a program with a different theme each year, designed to capture the attention and entertain the children. The child gradually learns his own identity, learns to relate to peers, with the educator, with father and mother and the adult figures outside their family life.


Integrating robotics into early childhood education helps close gender and SES-based gaps in achievement in STEAM fields.


Ours is the only Preschool to include Gymnastics in the Curriculum for 1.0 year to 10 years old children.


The recognition of environments, objects and the regularity of routine generate self-confidence, security and a sense of well-being.

English Language

The English language is learned (understanding) in everyday life through playful activity and the emotional relationship with the teacher.

What do parents say about us


Testimonials are a way for our families to express their feelings towards My School Italy and continue to support our school. Please read some of our parent testimonials.

Good understanding between students and teachers. Excellent infrastructure with outstanding education.Classrooms are very clean and very good facilities are provided for students, happy to see that they maintain hygiene which is really helpful. Teaching and non-teaching academic staffs are very cooperative. This helps to approach the management easily. Would definitely suggest and prefer this School.

Harshitha Umashankar

The online classes are really remarkable. My child is able to gain knowledge from the class. It has relieved me out of stress about the academic year due the pandemic. The activities are engaging and it helps in reflecting his understanding of the concepts.

Seenu S

I highly recommend this school all the teachers over here are so kind and truly encouraging each to their strength.....kids enjoy going to school and love the atmosphere over there.

Manju Melvin

Very Good education Children thinking level is high. From grade 1 children Will take seminar in front of parents in classroom. Awesome. They're making children participate in all programs…from Grade 6 only exams ….

Mullaivalavan M

Training for behaviour modifications, teaching techniques and strategies are extraordinary. Trainers are very patient. Trainers answers all doubts and give encouragements to trainees.They are make us to full involvement to special field.

Lakshmi Kante

Great school, teachers are very supportive and understanding good interaction between parents and teachers even virtually.

Bhavani K

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