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The Premises

My School ITALY play school, kindergarten and primary school was conceived out of the desire to have a dedicated learning space for babies and young children, able to stimulate their curiosity and interpersonal relationships, but especially to promote the idea of community.

My School ITALY is a place where children, teachers, parents meet and know each other. The spaces are carefully arranged in large surfaces that offer children the possibility to move, crawl, run and jump in complete freedom, but also soft corners to snuggle, jump, play and express all their liveliness. The Arcadia also has a delightful soft nap room with coloured lights and with background music and a perfumed humidifier to make children's nap pleasant and enveloping.

Our Philosophy

My School ITALY as a kindergarten in Bari, Italy was conceived with the intention of promoting an educational style focused on children, based on an education intended as a facilitation of growth, as a discovery by the child of his/her internal world. Central role in the growth process is attributed to emotions and experience.

Even from an intellectual and cognitive point of view, children learn to relate to themselves, to others and to the world through their emotional experience. Emotions are the compass that guides the individual in his growth process.

Only by helping children to get in touch and recognise their emotions will they be able to transform their experience into intellectual knowledge by integrating it cognitively. We believe this concept is fundamental for an education that knows how to provide the life skills necessary for the construction of an integrated and effective adult identity.

Our Guiding Principles



Children are central to everything we do.



Families are our primary partners.



Being a valued part of each unique community.

Activities For Kids


The activities offered to children during the day follow a program with a different theme each year, designed to capture the attention and entertain the children. The child gradually learns his own identity, learns to relate to peers, with the educator, with father and mother and the adult figures outside their family life.


Integrating robotics into early childhood education helps close gender and SES-based gaps in achievement in STEAM fields.


Ours is the only Preschool to include Gymnastics in the Curriculum for 1.0 year to 10 years old children.


The recognition of environments, objects and the regularity of routine generate self-confidence, security and a sense of well-being.

English Language

The English language is learned (understanding) in everyday life through playful activity and the emotional relationship with the teacher.


Interested in a community of global learners, child psychologists, paediatricians and educators, who, like your-self, believe in the power of a progressive, quality education to make the world a better place?

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