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At My School ITALY, we celebrate the unique spirit of childhood and nurture individuality while instilling timeless values of empathy and generosity.

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As a parent, selecting the ideal early learning and care setting for your child is a crucial choice. At My School ITALY, we align our philosophy, staff, dedication, and resources with one ultimate goal: providing your child with an unparalleled foundation for a thriving future.


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Future generations will look to our children with awe; energised by their strength, knowledge and authenticity.

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Exclusive Curriculum for Inclusive Results

A Child has 100 Languages

Powered by Play-way Methodology

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Grooming Every Student as a Great Communicator!

Immersive Ambience for Learning

World-class Quality driven by Child Centric Approach

Holistic Learning for Futuristic Education

Emphasis on Mental and Physical Health


Interested in a community of global learners, child psychologists, paediatricians and educators, who, like your-self, believe in the power of a progressive, quality education to make the world a better place?

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